The Mind-Body Connection

Why am I in the shape I am in?

Everybody on Earth is made differently, some of us are tall, some of us are short, some of us can easily lose or gain weight and some of us can’t.

All of us have a slightly different body shape as well, some people are naturally lean and slight, while others are naturally broad and muscular.

There are many factors that make us all unique in our physical appearance. Our physical constitution is created something like this…

Genetic traits from the family bloodline

+ Physical activity

+ Environmental and social conditions

+ Nutrition and economical status

+ Mental and emotional activity and interaction

= Our physical state

Much of society is focused on the first four factors in this equation. The final and highly influential factor – our emotional and mental state – is the basis of the mind-body connection.

The Mind-Body Connection – How does it work?
The word psychosomatic (psyche-soma) means mind-body. It refers to the connection between the body and the mind.

The mind-body connection is based on the principle that the nature of the mind is reflected in the state of the body. It explains why every body is different. No two minds are the same and neither will you find two bodies the same.

Even identical twins are more alike at birth than any other time in their lives. Why? Because as they develop their own unique personalities and their bodies change to reflect their individual state of mind.

When we heal the body, through balancing the mind-body connection, we call it psychosomatic healing.

The Process – How Does Psychosomatic Healing Work?

Psychosomatic healing, like many other healing therapies, is based on the principle that awareness of our patterns of behavior sparks a change in our attitudes. An overview of the psychosomatic healing process looks something like this:

Analysis of the body’s shape and characteristics brings…

Awareness of certain mental and emotional tendencies which leads to…

Insights about our character and why we do the things we do which sparks…

Change in our attitudes and behaviors.

There are tell-tale signs in your structure, posture and build that give away how you have experienced life. A trained eye can tell why you are in the shape you are in…

Using the Mind-Body Connection to Heal – What is Psychosomatic Therapy?

Psychosomatic therapy uses the principles of mind-body connection to bring our attention to physical traits that have been caused by repetitive thought and emotional patterns over time. It is designed to increase self-awareness and facilitate the healing processes by offering constructive ways to influence mind-body balance.

Take a look at how these emotions affect different aspects of the physical body:
How Emotions Effect The Body

A psychosomatic therapist is equipped to bring our awareness to the state of our body-mind. During a psychosomatic therapy session, various aspects of the body are examined to provide an insight into a person’s emotional and mental tendencies including:

Each major area of the body and its relation to other areas. The balance of male-female energy

Patterns of energy flow through the chakras including any blockages that inhibit this flow

Posture and body language

Breathing patterns

Quality, quantity and distribution of body tissue, skin and muscle

The condition of the major chakras

Overall body type and structure
Each aspect of the body is analysed according to the principles of the mind-body connection to give an overall personality profile. In other words, the body reveals how our strengths and weaknesses affect how we tend to experience life – the good, bad and the ugly!

Once the therapist has a basic understanding of the person’s emotional and mental tendencies, he or she teaches constructive ways to use these strengths and weaknesses to improve our overall life experience.

How can I SEE the state of my body, mind and soul?

Take a look at your body in a mirror, closely. Look for imbalances in the symmetry of your body…

Are your shoulders balanced evenly?

Do you have excess flesh in certain areas?

How symmetrical is your face?

The way in which we structure our bodies as a result of our thoughts and feelings is fascinating…and unknown to most! When a particular pattern develops in our mental or emotional state, it is reflected as a physical pattern in our bodies that over time creates our body shape and level of functioning.

There are many ways in which the body, mind and soul communicate to create your physical reality…

The Issues in the Tissue – Where are you storing your issues?

The size and shape of the physical body can serve as an amazing insight into the state of the body, mind and soul. Any areas of our bodies which are either underweight or overweight indicate an underlying emotional issue or pattern of behaviour.

Since we use our bodies to feel emotional sensations, when we repeatedly come across an unwanted emotion, we unconsciously reduce the amount of tissue or add fatty, desensitised tissue in order to feel less. Either way, we end up feeling ‘protected’ from the unwanted emotion and we trick ourselves into thinking it’s no longer there.

Take a look at the cellular memory process in action…


Masculine & Feminine Sides – How balanced are you?
The body, mind and soul thrives on balance. Regardless of gender, we all have a masculine and feminine sides to our personalities. In order to function well in life, we need a good balance of both masculine and feminine qualities. Most of us, however, tend to have a dominant side.

d0There are very clear physical cues about whether someone is left- or right-brain dominant.

The right side of our brains controls our feminine, creative aspects so it represents the creative and emotional side of our personality. This is reflected in the left side of our bodies.

The left side of our brain controls our masculine, analytical aspects so it represents our logical mind, our mental drive and our physically active side. This is reflected in the right side of our bodies.

You can see from the asymmetry of a person’s body whether they are balanced in their feminine and masculine aspects or if they tend to be more mentally or emotionally driven. Since, we are meant to have equal influence from both our feminine and masculine sides, physical symmetry it is an indicator of whether the body, mind and soul is in harmony or disharmony.

Now we go from our external appearance to internal processes and how the mind influences our digestion…

The Digestive System – How do I digest life?
The human digestive system is the most brilliant symbolic invention for how we ‘digest’ or experience our daily lives. The word ‘digestion’ is literally how we process life.

Food, relationships, life events – they are all the substances that fuel our existence. And each day we make a bunch of choices in relation to all of them – what we eat, who we mix with, how we spend our time and most importantly, how we feel in every minute about all of it.

When our body, mind and soul is in balance, digestion flows naturally.Each stage in the digestive process reflects life in all its stages. We begin with…

Intake & Chewing
Taking in new experiences and ideas and ‘chewing it over’, having a plan, thinking it over and deciding to do it.

1st Stage of Digestion
Understanding the plan, breaking the plan down into ‘digestible’ pieces.

2nd Stage of Digestion
The plan is broken down further and the plan is then complete.

Extraction & Excretion
Take for yourself what is needed for self-nourishment and outflow the remainder to others.

This is the psychosomatic principle all over…

If you are constipated, your body is telling you that you are holding on too tightly to life and you need to let go.

If you have stomach ulcers, you are worrying about life and not letting the plan unfold.

If you have diarrhea  you are not absorbing what you need from your experiences and you are giving up on what you truly want from life.

If you have cavities in your teeth, you are not planning new experiences for yourself so you start to ‘rot’ in your old habits.

So what’s the significance?

The beauty of symbolism is its subtle way of telling us what’s up and what to do about it!

Your body will tell you exactly what you are doing that needs your attention. Listen and learn and your body, mind and soul will thank you for it! Check out the glossary to find out the meaning of specific ailments.

Remember the Golden Rule of Holistic Healing… Listen to your body, it’s always trying to tell you something!