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Foods To Avoid – “Any Doubt? Leave It Out!”

Not only what you are eating, but what you are leaving out of your diet can heal you. This is my own experience and I am finding more and more truth in it. “Any doubt, leave it out!”

RawFoodPyramid (1)Let’s have a look at what will make you feel so much better in no time, just by leaving out of your current diet what slows your body down. If you do this one by one, you will feel very clearly what has been affecting you all these years without realizing. Simply because we are brought up in need of our daily bread, that comforting sugar, milk as our white motor, alcohol to loosen up at parties, fish and meat for proteins, coffee as socializer in the company of a cigarette and cookies.

When you start eating raw you will go through a transitioning phase in which you will release toxins gradually. You can make this phase as long or as short as you want. What matters is that you transition at your own space, respecting and listening to what your body is telling you on the road. It might seem undo-able when you read on but trust me, it is much easier as it looks like. Why? You don’t have to miss anything for everything is replaceable. Flavors can come so closely to what you are used with the right recipes, some practice and a bit of creativity.

Transitioning isn’t only about the transfer between a standard and raw diet. To be successful and feel all the benefits of raw food, you will have to let go of old habits. Why? Because they can be the reasons why you are feeling tired, giving you the impression you are on the decline. Those are groups of poisoning food making you ill slowly, even more when you are sensitive.

Leaving out the following food groups will uplift your health. Combining processed foods with raw foods is a part that can hold you back from going all or high raw if you aren’t well informed. Once you gave it a thought you will have to admit the logic of it, you can let go of old patterns and give healthy alternatives a chance. If you aren’t convinced, try out by leaving out one food for a week and feel the difference. Because one week is all it takes to start noticing changes.

Your body is built of about 50 trillion cells. Cells that you are feeding every day while they are regenerating, while new cells are being produced. Cells have a memory and store all the “information” you are giving them. Their primal information you are providing is; your food! Your food is what your cells are nourishing themselves with, defining their strength, their health. Add junk to those new cells and they will become junk. Add healthy, organic, fresh vegetables and fruits to them and they will become strong and healthy. You become what you feed your cells and that is why quality food is so essential for your health. It is this simple.

To find out about the influences of daily food on your body you can do a little but very effective experiment. Eat the particular food you left out one to a few weeks once more and feel how your body is reacting to it. You might feel fatigued, have cramps or just feel uncomfortable ‘without any reason’. This reaction may occur soon after the intake and be even worse the next day, when the body has processed it. It depends on your sensitivity. Then imagine what this means for your health on a long term. We are so used to not feeling optimal that we think it is normal. But once you have felt much better, can you go back ?

 Foods to avoid

First start to eliminate drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sugar, white flour, salt, meat & fish, coffee, all processed foods. It might seem as an impossible thing to do and very radical. But you can take it slowly so you won’t experience the transition as “What is there left for me to eat?” Take the time you need. For instance, if you eat meat every day, start skipping every other day and replace your usual menu by vegetables, nuts, seeds and fruits. Then decrease to two times a week and so on. Sugar is slow poison, causing Candida and Diabetes. If you have a sweet tooth you don’t have to worry: you can still sweeten with Yakon syrup, Agave nectar or Stevia. Follow this system with each of these products and you will get there sooner than you think. The cleaner your body gets, the cleaner you want it to be. And remember that you are not giving up anything, but changing for the better, you are choosing for your health and for a gorgeous body!
Now that you came this far, you will certainly want to leave out milk, butter, eggs, yogurt, cheese, all animal derived products. Why? All dairy products are mucus forming foods. Asthma issues, colon problems and muscle pains can fade by eliminating diary in a short time. Moreover milk is delivering more chemicals to your body than calcium. “But I love milk and yogurt! I can’t give that up!” You will still be able to drink milk, eat yogurt. But they will be made of raw nuts and seeds. You can make the most delicious milk in one minute! It will deliver you all the proteins and calcium you need for that day. So don’t worry. You will find easy, fast, delicious alternatives for every one of them AND feel better.
If you are really motivated to get rid of toxins and you want to expedite elimination of toxins in your body, now is the time to start a detox week or month on juices, smoothies, simple salads and mono fruit meals. No, you won’t be hungry because you will receive more nutrients than ever who will feed and renew your cells and blood thoroughly.
Now you can let go of grains, crackers, bread and pasta, granola. All grains contain gluten, a very underestimated and fast growing problem. Actually almost everybody is sensitive or intolerant to them and so are you most probably.

Fatigued? Stiff joints? Sore muscles? Don’t look further! Gluten can trigger chronic illnesses such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. Leave them out and your body gets a chance to start healing itself. There are lovely, seducing alternatives to make your own bread and crackers.
Stop cooking gradually by first adding, then replacing your meals by raw dishes.
Depending on your personality or the urgency of changing your lifestyle for your health, you can go faster or as slow as you want to. If you want to accelerate the process you can start detoxing with smoothies and juices as soon as you are leaving out certain food groups, or cook less and eat more raw. Stay close to yourself and your body and respect the signals you are receiving from it. Are you tired? Try to rest a bit or go to bed earlier. Are you having a head ache? Calm down, be gentle with yourself and avoid stress. A detox is a very intense process even if it is done in a natural way. You will feel very clearly when most toxins got out and energy takes over.

30258628716518246_Ke6GxtsF_cSome tips for your transitioning phase

An easy way to go is: start every day raw and hold on to eating raw as long as possible. Dinner is usually the meal that you will leave out as last one. But each day you have come that far is a great day already! You can’t hold on to raw at dinner? Start with a lovely varied salad before you eat your cooked food.

Make one change a day! One change each day brings daily steady process and growth. You will be amazed how easy it is. In seven days, you already made 7 changes and no matter how small they might have been; you took the decision, the responsibility and action to move forward!

The greener you start your day, the easier it is to hold on to green during the day. The first taste you are feeding yourself is the taste you will crave for the most. Start your day with a sandwich and you will be looking for sugar all day long. Start with a green smoothie and you will feel satisfied, also mentally. The greener your day, the less cravings will disturb your mind.

For each food you are leaving out, find a replacement right away to fill up the gap you might experience. For example: if you leave out alcohol and are used to having an aperitif before dinner, make a rockin’ green juice as cocktail of fruit juice. It will give you a kick, you aren’t drinking ‘just water’ and will enjoy the sparkling freshness of an alive drink. If you leave out milk, make milk of nuts or seeds. If you are having trouble with skipping meat, make a delicious “cheese” of nuts and put your teeth in it.

Prepare yourself by gathering recipes that make your mouth water. Read about raw food, detox and its side effects to be ready, to know how they can appear and how to handle them.

If this isn’t helping you to hang in, you might want some support to go through this transitioning phase. This is a good time to email me to schedule a first strategy session with me to get you going.

One to one coaching in my session  is a great way to get the personalized guidance you are looking for.