Alkalize Your Body

Alkalize Your Body
The very first step to take, even before you go raw, is to alkalize your body. It is of life importance. “So why don’t we know about it?” I will try to explain it as simple as possible.


An acid body is like a car driving without enough oil.
Good health starts with a balanced pH level. Too much acid waste in the body results to illnesses, no matter which issue. An overdose of acid waste is the root of fatigue, feeling heavy as lead, pain in the muscles. But this is only the beginning; extreme acidity can cause serious ailments and chronicle diseases. When you are used to eat a standard diet, you are most probably acid. When you aren’t adding enough greens and fruits to your diet, that delicate acid-alkaline balance gets disturbed very quickly. Even if you are eating raw, you have to make sure to eat sufficient greens and the foods that alkalize your body.

 For who wants to know; what is pH?

pH means “potential Hydrogen”. It is “the measurement of electrical resistance between negative and positive ions in the body”. Negative ions are alkaline forming, positive acid forming. pH measures how they push against one another. Now, this is a very scientific definition. We could say that everything is vibration. The stronger our inner vibration, the healthier we are.

What is a perfect balance?
The balance with which you will feel tip top is around 6.5 to 7.

Do we have a reserve of alkalinity?
As always in nature, systems are set up to provide us with what we need. We are born with an alkaline reserve. Our body will do whatever it takes to re-balance the deviations each time our levels are fluctuating. As all reserves though, their attain is limited. It is up to us to keep our reserves intact by eating the right kinds of foods so all excesses of alkali can be stored in the body as extra’s for when acids have to be neutralized.

What does acidity do to my body?
Waste acids who are staying in the body will be absorbed by the colon into the liver where it will end up in the blood circulation. From there, it settles in the tissues who determine your condition: health or illness. In fact, alkalizing your body can be quite easy and yes, provide your body of the power to start curing itself if it needs to. Nature gave every body the ability to cure itself but if we don’t feed it what it needs to do so, it gets worn out. Just like a car running on too little oil, your body gets totally stuck and the motor stops or burns out.

Too much acid waste  attack your joints, muscles, tissues, organs and glands and develop arthritis, chronicle fatigue, myofibrosis (aching muscles), thyroid problems and so much more.

What can happen when I am consistently acid?

At first, when your body can’t keep the right pH balance it can become exhausted, you might get acne, have sudden panic attacks, be irritable without reason, have no energy or just be hyperactive, be bloated all day, have a white coated tongue, experience dizziness, lose your sex drive, have heartburn, hot urine, constipation, have a metallic taste in your mouth… and so on. Usually we aren’t alarmed by these symptoms because we think they are part of our life, due to stress. (Which reminds me by the way that stress is an acid forming factor. ) So we don’t really take care of them, thinking they will blow over. Wrong.

Because we don’t make time to look into these symptoms and we feel they aren’t serious enough to see a doctor, (and honestly, most doctors would sway them off the table) they will become worse and cause bronchitis, asthma, allergies, depression, decreased concentration and memory loss, insomnia, viral infections as the flu, colds, skin problem as Psoriasis, fungal infections as Candida, vaginal, athlete’s foot and urinary problems, sinusitis, viruses (they adore acids to live on!). These are more serious matters, but only a good doctor who is making links will know he does not only have to treat the problem itself but resolve the acidity as well.

Here come the advanced consequences and they may come as a shock to you. Leukemia, Lupus, Crohn’s disease, schizophrenia, tuberculosis, cancers, Rheumatoid arthritis, Myasthenia Gravis and chronicle diseases. Once you are there, mostly the disease itself will be treated. But the cause will stay because there isn’t enough attention to recognize what is keeping you ill, in spite of intense treatments. We can do so much ourselves by starting with the root of many diseases; our daily diet and lifestyle and alkalize our body.

But how can I know if my body is well balanced?

You can ask for a blood and saliva test with your doctor to have a reliable overview of how acid-alkaline you are.
You can buy urine strips and measure your alkalinity by testing in the morning and the evening. This method is efficient as a follow up after the blood test. In the morning you will be more acid because of toxins that are being eliminated.

What if my number is higher than the ideal balance?

No, it doesn’t mean you are alkaline and fine. In fact, consistent readings above 7.5 and 8 indicate tissue breakdown. Certainly a pH over 8 needs serious follow up because the body is extremely acid at that point and producing ammonia to compensate. What you can do is green up your diet, drink green smoothies every day and follow a good list with recommended alkaline foods.

What can I do to reach a perfect balance?

The first step to alkalize your body is adding more greens to your diet. Even if you are eating a standard diet, these greens will make a difference and make your body ask for more after a while.
Check out your urine and saliva every day in the beginning and adjust your diet according to the readings. It is very easy to do.
Print off a list of acid- and alkaline forming foods for your information. Pin it up in your kitchen and try to implement more alkaline foods or add them to your existing diet.
A very simple way to alkalize your body is start your day with a glass of lukewarm water mixed with the juice of a lime or a lemon. Those citrus fruits are very effective!
Another great way to start your day is juice wheat grass and drink a shot a day on an empty stomach. Chlorophyll in its purest way!
Chlorophyll is the key to create an alkaline environment in your body.
Alkaline water will help you go forward. Drink more pure spring water. You can test it with your strips; the more alkaline, the better for you to drink. Water is essential to keep the mineral balances intact. Those minerals – calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium- are all alkaline- forming.

How can I add more greens to my diet?

vitamin-c-1The easiest way to start adding more greens are green smoothies! By liquefying a big bunch of green leaf vegetables,and fruit, you will be able to eat more greens than in a whole day, or even maybe in a week if you aren’t used to consume vegetables. Green leafy vegetables don’t contain starches and are therefor perfect with fruits which will sweeten things up and make your smoothie a taste lovely.

You can make a green salad and add it to your lunch and diner. It will be a side dish then and you can get used to eating more greens this way.
By adding green superfoods to your smoothie, such as barley or dried wheat grass or chlorella, you will receive a boost of chlorophyll, which is the most important nutrient in greens. Chlorophyll is direct sunlight and the most alkalizing food!
Also juicing vegetables and fruit is a great way to keep your reserves updated. Instead of grabbing for your light softdrink, make a fresh juice of what you have laying around in the refrigerator and in your fruit bowl. It is easy, healthy and delicious!

How do I make sure I stay alkaline?

Keep the good habit of making a green smoothie in the morning. Other than that, follow a 80/20 rule and balance your pH level by choosing 80% alkalizing foods and 20% acid forming foods. It requires a little bit of effort at the start but you will see, it only takes some days to get to know these choices. The 80/20 rule has been confirmed as the ideal ratio. Even Hippocrates based his diet on this rule.

How to do this in practice? Just eat daily 8 alkalizing foods out of 10 to keep your alkaline reserves intact.

What does an alkaline body do to me?

The first change you will notice once you start becoming more alkaline, is the energy that starts bubbling up. Certain issues will fade or even totally disappear, (muscle) pain might get less or go away, you will have more endurance and more breath druing physical efforts.

What is even more important is that when you were acid and suffering from the consequences, not being able to reverse the process because your body is exhausted, you will be recharged with strength. This strength will build up to the point that your body has sufficient ability to help healing itself from its issues.

Being alkaline upgrades your health, makes you live longer and look younger!

What does alkalinity mean to my body functions?

All our organs an glands functions depend on a well balanced pH level. Heart, lungs, liver, pancreas, endocrine glands, the thyroid, intestines, colon, kidneys, the spleen… they depend on a proper alkaline environment. Symptoms occur bit by bit when you are acid and they can be vague or stress related so that it might take years before finding out how it all started. The other way is just as true: eat alkalizing food, repair your balance and you will regain health or at least feel much better. It is as easy as that! Eat alkaline and live longer!

Top Alkaline List
Asparagus – 6,5
Cantaloupe – 7,0
Celery – 6,0
Swiss Chard – 6,0
Dandelion Greens – 6,0
Dried dates – 7,0
Endive – 6,5
Kelp – 7,0
Kudzu Root – 7,0
Lemons – 7,5
Lettuce (all except iceberg)- 6,0
Parsley – 7,0
Pumpkin (depends) – 6,0
Rutabaga – 6,0
Seaweed (all!) – 7,0
Spinach – 6,0
Watercress – 7,0

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