Quantum Healing for creating Health

2c277408c931112912b37b1286686db3How does healing work at the cellular level?

Every feeling, every emotion and every thought creates a change in our body chemistry at the subatomic level. And it is these quantum changes that create our state of health. Quantum healing explains why everybody has the ability to change the condition of their physical body regardless of age, health status or body type.

The magic of quantum healing (also called cellular healing) is based on one fundamental concept:

Where thought goes, energy flows.

Our body shape and functioning changes throughout our whole lives. Why?

Thousands of cells are constantly being renewed within the body in the exact image of your emerging state of being. As we learn and develop throughout life, our cells reflect how we feel.

The cellular healing process is about creating harmony in body, mind and soul. If we feel good in our body, mind and soul, our cells have a healthy vibration and generate more cells of the same. If we don’t feel good, our cells have an unhealthy vibration and generate more of the same. If we continue to feel bad, illness develops and persists. If we change our state to feeling good, the dis-ease cycle is interrupted and with time our body will return to its natural state of balance.

Lets look at a single cell in the body. It will replicate into millions of cells during its lifespan. If the cell is charged with positive energy, it will replicate identical cells. This process is called cellular healing. But if the cell is under-charged with negative energy, it replicates the same, ‘negatively charged’ cells. And so begins the dis-ease process.

Lets start at the ‘ground’ level…

The Dis-ease Process – Why do cells become dis-eased?

Our bodies are created of physical matter and non-physical energy. Both chemical and life force energy pulsate throughout the body to keep us alive. When energy is flowing freely throughout the body, its organs and its cells, we are healthy and full of vitality. This is the natural state of the human body.

As we venture through life, we meet with objects that cause resistance in our bodies. These ‘objects’ can be pollutants, people we don’t get along with, painful life events…anything that makes us feel uncomfortable on any level. Discomfort of any kind causes a disruption of the natural flow of energy throughout the body. Discomfort becomes resistance. Resistance is opposite to how we naturally wish to be: happy and healthy versus unhappy and unhealthy.

Our cells are constantly expanding and contracting. Their job is to turn matter into energy and energy into matter. When in balance, matter and energy are transformed in equilibrium. That is, matter is transformed into energy at roughly the same rate as it is produced and visa versa. When resistance occurs, it creates an imbalance in the transformation between matter and energy.


Our cells are affected adversely by all inputs that are not in resonance with its natural state. What most people don’t realise is that how you feel has the most profound influence on your physical state. Here’s how…

Cellular Memory – How do my thoughts affect my body?

The human body was designed to ‘register’ each persons life experience in its flesh, in each and every cell. These experiences that are retained in the body become ‘cellular memory’ and influence our future actions and reactions. Cellular memory allows us to recall events that we would otherwise have forgotten in our long-term memory – our emotional history is recorded in our cells and it remains there until we release the associated emotional experience. The more emotional an experience is for us, the more likely we are to recall it because we become ’emotionally attached’ to that event. These emotionally-charged events are particularly powerful in effecting the body’s physical shape and functioning.

When persistent feelings become part of our cellular memory, they are ‘locked’ or stored in the body’s tissue. This is what causes physical pain when we put pressure on body tissue that contains these ‘memories’.

Thoughts that feel good are registered by the body and regenerate the cells with vitality and allow life force to flow freely. This regenerative process is the essence of quantum healing works.

On the flip side, negative thoughts are resisted by the body’s natural state and cause changes in cells, tissues and organs. Persistent negative thoughts create overwhelming resistance in the body and this resistance is reflected in the body in the form of fatigue, viruses and in extreme cases, cancer and other debilitating diseases.

As a result, positive thoughts increase blood flow throughout the body whilst negative thoughts decrease blood flow. Just like a river will flow freely until it is blocked, the body naturally pumps blood to all areas of the body unless there is resistance. This resistance causes decreased blood flow to the affected areas until the resistance is removed.

Quantum healing teaches us that where thought goes, energy flows. And this direction of energy through thought is exactly how the holistic healing process works in the body.

How do I create holistic health?

You are the creator of your own health and wellness. You have ultimate reign over the state of your body, mind and soul.

There are many ways to create holistic health. Because there are so many factors that influence our state of health, it is an equation that will never be absolutely complete. It is a life-long journey to strive for better health and wellness.

The quest for health and wellness is an opportunity to get closer to having the easy-going, creative, happy life that we all want. But there’s a catch. In the process, you have to learn about yourself. And this is the precise reason why most people do not stay healthy or achieve holistic health.

Our goal is to consciously create health rather than unconsciously create dis-ease.

So what is the creation of health and wellness really about?

We create dis-ease in order to learn about ourselves, aspects of ourselves that need to be brought into alignment with who we are. It is a conscious or unconscious choice between truth and denial.

Truth Versus Denial – Why do people get ill?

Self-discovery, self-insight, self-knowledge, facing your fears, facing yourself, is confronting. So confronting for some that they decide to choose another path altogether: denial. Denial of themselves, denial of their beauty, denial of their potential and denial that there is anything wrong in their lives! And it is that simple. Each of us has a choice between facing the fear and denying it. Facing the fear is scary but it is ultimately liberating. Denial is easy but ultimately self-destructive.

Facing your fears is meant to be challenging but the rewards are greater and long-lasting. Facing your fears is an inevitable speed bump on the road to health and wellness and rest assured, everybody has them.

Fear has to hide somewhere, and it is usually guarded by our beliefs…

The Power of Belief – How do my beliefs impact my health?

Without consciously knowing them all, we each have a bunch of beliefs about ourselves and of course, life in general. These beliefs lie at the core of our being to form our belief system and from ‘behind the scenes’ they govern our behaviour and steer our direction through life. They form the foundation of our approach to health and wellness.

Everyone – without exception – has beliefs about core life concepts such as love, value, power and worthiness. They usually go something like:

*** I am worthy or I am unworthy
*** I am powerful or I am powerless
*** I am valuable or I have no value
*** I am loveable or I am not loveable

If we only knew the power of these beliefs and the effect they have on our health and wellness, we would certainly pay them more attention.

So how is a belief created?

Beliefs – unless they are inherited beliefs from our upbringing which we have never questioned – are usually born from a single thought...a thought which gradually gains power and momentum as it reinforced over time. It begins with an incidental thought:



From thought to belief, this process gathers momentum and has an increasing effect on the body, with the belief having the greatest impact on the body’s chemistry. This is because…

When beliefs and feelings join to forge e-motions, they become powerful energy in motion.

This powerful energy is what fuels the creative process of health and wellness

Ease vs Dis-ease – How do you process life?

We go through a series of thoughts and feelings that determine how we experience life events. How we perceive any given situation makes us either at ease or at dis-ease with life. Lets take a look at how the process of works in practice…

Step 1: Life & How We Experience It

Life Situation: “I got fired from my job”

Life experiences have the ability to get us high or get us down and everything in between. The important thing is how life events are experienced by you. Any particular life event is experienced differently by every person and largely based on their experience of other life events. This is where we plant the seed of dis-ease.

If we experience an event to be bad, we create dis-ease within ourselves. If we experience an event to be good, we are creating health. How we experience life often comes down to our cellular memory, in other words, new life experiences become tainted by old life experiences.

Step 2: Attachment

Response: “I feel useless. I don’t ever want to feel this way again.”

When we experience a life event in a negative way, we create an attachment to that event as if to say ‘remember this – i don’t want to experience this feeling ever again’. And in this attachment, we consciously create a memory with the intention of avoiding a similar experience in the future. The avoidance or resistance to the feeling creates further disharmony, and strengthens the initial feeling of sadness.

Step 3: Judgment to Illusion

Response: “I should never have taken that promotion because I knew I wasn’t good enough. I should have known better.”

Thoughts are powerful especially when charged with emotion so your negative thoughts about a life event can be self-destructive. When you move from feeling bad to making a judgment about yourself based on the life event, you are furthering the process of dis-ease.

All judgments we have about ourselves are illusions – they are based on perceiving an event in a way that dis-empowers us. When we believe a judgment wholeheartedly it turns into an illusion, or denial of the truth.

Step 4: Illusion to Belief

Response: “I can’t trust myself to make the right decisions. I am useless.”

And the process snowballs…a repeated powerful thought becomes a belief and that belief becomes a way of being. The belief governs how you live and underlies how you see yourself and others. Your belief system becomes a spiritual basis for your way of life.

Step 5: Disharmony

A flawed belief which does not reflect who you truly are interrupts your natural state of health and wellness and causes disharmony on emotional, mental and spiritual levels. This disharmony causes resistance in the natural flow of energy throughout your being and as a result, causes a weakness in your energy system. The weakness remains in your outer energy system and over time will eventually manifest in your physical body…

Step 6: Dis-ease

The weakness in your energy system creates a dis-ease in your physical body and is brought to your attention in the form of pain, tiredness or any sense of discomfort. This usually occurs when there has been other life events that have reinforced your negative belief.

Step 7: Healing (Optional)  Start over!

A more healthy response to this unfortunate life event would look something like this:

“I got fired from my job”

“It made me feel useless – I know this isn’t really true and that the feeling will pass.”

“I am glad I had the opportunity to learn from this experience. Maybe it is a sign that there is something else better out there for me.”

“I trust that it was the right time for me to lose my job.”

A negative belief cannot form from a positive perspective of the life event. Changing the belief to an uplifting perspective gives the signal to the body that all is well and at peace. This is the true definition of holistic health and wellness.

Next time you experience a challenging life situation, try changing your perspective. You might be pleasantly surprised by the outcome!



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