Whether you wish to unwind and de-stress after a week at work,
improve your sporting performance,
speed up recovery from injury,
or have those niggling aches and pains melted away,
I offer tailored massages to enhance your well-being, using a wide variety of Natural Health Massage techniques to leave you physically and emotionally restored.


My entire life is an exploration of awareness through learning,expanding, reintegrating and re-initiating into multi-faceted natural holistic and western medicine knowledge, and healing practices, the sum of which has helped me to offer you the voyage into Harmonious Holistic Healing. I have got Certification Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki System of Natural Healing in 1995, Diploma in Holistic massage in 2002, Certification Holistic Energy Practitioner in 2004, Diploma Naturopathic Therapist in 2006, Ayurvedic Health Practitioner in 2008 and Certification Practitioner of the Art and Science Of Reflexology in 2009.
I work from private warm home studio located right in the heart of  Surrey, near Brookside Elementary.callttor Book On-Line ⇒☀️ Exclusive Offer NEW ! Mind-Body Seance 60+60* minutes -$117 ●●●► Till Feb 28, 2018. Working Hours 8 to 7. Draping Code. I don’t answer “unknown call” so please leave me a detailed message including your name and number where I can reach you.

What To Expect

Holistic Vedic Massage/Bodywork is a combination of several types of massage. The main aim of Veda is to achieve balance within the body, mind and the environment around us.
My combination of therapeutic, relaxation, finest quality coconut oil or (Ayurvedic oil related to your Dosha), intuition and energy work is amazingly effective.

Throughout your one and a half to two hour treatment, together with usually used RMT common technics I also use unique energy healing Techniques – Reiki, Marma & Aura Healing, Medical intuitive, digitally mastered and specifically tuned frequencies music, aura light therapy, banka cupping therapy, as well as crystals, or  magnetic therapy and etc.

Natural Health Techniques will relax and tone your muscles and tissues by using a variety of moves including soothing relaxing  strokes of Swedish and Lomi-Lomi and others deeper frictions  which relieves aches and stuffiness in the muscles and enhance circulation of lymph and blood, while helping to flush the body of toxins and rebalance energy system.

I strongly believe that to be in balance is to be relaxed. And I have experienced myself that there is a connection between human mind and body and that the human body has its own healing capability.

Each treatment is tailored to your needs and the strokes used will depend on how you are feeling on that particular day and what outcome you want to achieve. Everything I do throughout the massage is done for a healing purpose and especially to promote deep and profound mind relaxation. You become realigned, rewired, reconnected and attuned to a whole new level. This brings new life force of a higher vibrational frequency and a flow of uninterrupted communication throughout the entire body. As a result you are able to finally bring healing to an old injury or any blocked energy in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body.
It supports your desire for positive change and creates unlimited potential for growth, health and well-being.

When you receive energy healing you may experience sensations of tingling, heat, coolness, but these are not in any way painful or uncomfortable, and soon pass. Some people find the therapy so relaxing that afterwards they feel unable to do much apart from go home and rest for an hour or so.

My competence, my knowledge and my genuine caring for your well-being and health guarantees you will receive the best treatment and massage you have ever had!


You will have a confidential Vedic Naturopathic intuitive Consultation  before your first massage, to help me identify areas of tension and muscle imbalances in the body.  This may include a discussion about your lifestyle and medical history, to help me select the most appropriate approach, and the perfect techniques to use. This helps me understand underlying causes of tension and imbalance in your body. A ‘tailor made’ treatment plan will be established. No matter you really want before our meeting, our conversation will help establish your expectations before we agree your treatment plan. Allow 5-10 minutes extra for the consultation in your schedule at your first treatment.

Homecare Advice
I believe that regular exercise, nutritious food and positive attitude towards life can reduce our everyday stress levels, prevent premature ageing and improve our overall wellbeing.

Personally tailored homecare advice will be part of your treatment. As a Certified Medical Intuitive Massage Therapist and Vedic Naturopath I can explain why poor nutrition (not food volume) leads to recurring health problems. Relatively small adjustments in your lifestyle and daily habits can often be enough to bring about a significant improvement in your health and well-being. You will learn many proven natural healing methodologies and techniques using nutrition, herbal medicines for prevention & wellness. This will help improvements last and to retain that relaxed feeling for as long as possible after your massage.

Cancellation Policy
Should you need to cancel or reschedule a massage appointment, please call 2 hours in advance so the session can go to another client. Cancellations received with less than 1 hours notice may be billed at 50% of the cost of the booked treatment. “No shows” will result in the full treatment cost being charged to you before further massage treatment can commence.

A note on session etiquette:
• It is important that both our boundaries are honored during our session time together. If this is not respected, I reserve the right to terminate the session at any given point.
• In my  Bodywork Session  PELVIC AREA IS OUT OF SERVICE –please do not approach me for such services. 

Holistic Vedic Massage is truly deeply relaxing and hypnotic massage is created by gentle stretches, rhythmical, circular, diagonal and figure-of-eight movements, combined with warm, organic coconut oil.
Generally for Transformation Vedic-Sattva Massage the session would need to be 1.5 hours for maximum benefit. It is very beneficial to come for a session either Weekly or Bi-Weekly as part of your health Maintenance and natural energy Restoration. We can also work in progression on certain areas that need improvement|focus.


The Gentle Art of Wellness for Men and Women