General Recommendations

In order to be healthy and stay healthy for the lifetime

Study nature. Love nature. Stay close to nature. It will never fail you.


1. Only you and nobody else make daily decisions to stay healthy or put your body (and soul) in trouble.
2. Only you and nobody else can take control on your current state and your future.
3. Only you are able to choose what level of health and vitality is appropriate for you and find a good teacher to learn how to get it.
4. Remember: your body is smarter than you or your doctor; don’t play moron games with it.
5. The main cause of any health problem or disease is our inappropriate relationship with the world which we are actually able to change any time. Good relationship with the world gives us energy and all resources to eliminate any problem and be happy in life.

How to improve the relationship with the world


1. Exercise responsibility for everything you do including your state of health, your body, your mind, your relationship with the people you like or don’t. You and only you, nobody else in the world is responsible for every thing in your life.

2. Take responsibility for everything you put in your mouth.
• The best food for human beings is fresh fruits and vegetables, period!
• You can keep some of your favourite dishes (few times a week) if at least 80% of your daily meal will be fresh fruits and vegetables.
• Avoid any dairy products (no milk, no cheese, no yogurt)
• Avoid any industrial made food (no cans, no packages, no sausages etc.)
• Avoid any soft drinks and coffee
• Avoid any sugar or sweet products except fresh fruits
• Avoid (or significantly reduce) any alcohol (no beer!)
• Avoid or reduce salt and spices
• Drink only pure water and herbal tea
• Slowly but surely get rid of any medication you’ve been taken

3. Take responsibility for what and how you breathe.
• Forget all the phrases such as “We need more oxygen”, “Our blood needs more oxygen” etc. They are simply not true. The truth is the air on the Earth contains too much oxygen that very often harms our body and makes us sick.
• The theory and a huge number of practical evidences tell us; the less air we consume the healthier we become. That should become your main rule about the right breathing. Never forget it!
• The only right type of breathing is abdominal (diaphragm) breathing. Never use your chest and chest muscles to breathe.
• As much as possible use your nose to inhale or exhale air and try to keep shallow breathing (less air!) even in the time of physical exercises.

4. Take responsibility to train your body on a daily basis.
• Normalise your body weight as soon as possible using raw vegan diet, training your breathing and doing physical exercises on daily basis.
• Do short ( • Control your breathing during exercises (less air!).
• Every day go for a walk for at least 30 min.
• Ones a week go to the pool and sauna to eliminate your toxins.
• Three-four times a year do special detoxification program
• Every day take time to really relax your body, mind and emotions

Enjoy every moment in your life by creating your future right now!