Pine Nuts from Siberia Russia Cedars, Organic Wild Raw

Pine Nuts from Siberia Russia Cedars, Organic Wild Raw


Here is picture of very nutritious and tasty raw Pine Nuts that have been vacuum packaged for raw and fresh storage in fridge, I simply eat them with a spoon and chew Very well(few minutes each spoonful), and this way is Wonderful, but they have so much vitamins that only a few teaspoons a day is enough, so we may have a restful sleep at night

Pine Nuts dry in bowl

And I soak them in BIG pan of Cold tap water, overnight, to remove extra vitamins and then turn into Pine Nut Milk in blender so they move along easy, – without soaking I can eat only a few teaspoons every day because of so much vitamins,
You should sleep, recover and regenerate during night Much better after soaking Pine Nuts, and they digest way better, and then I simply eat them with a Spoon, and chewing very Very well, for about 1-2 minutes each spoonful
(chewing very well is key to healthy digestion and probiotic flora, bowel movement and wellbeing)


I have begun eating these Pine Nuts to heal my digestion(after store-foods), for nutrients, and staying warm this Winter,
and healed my digestion the had within first days, after many years of issues from sweet things like fruits, and boiled/cooked vegetables !

These Pine Nuts are easily the Healthiest, least inflammatory with highest protein quality(one place said nearly 99% of protein is completely digested) and cleanest food(no chemicals of any kind) I have eaten here in Canada, without noticeable negative effects like from Any food from stores, pretty much,
(unlike any nuts from store, dairy, wheat, eggs and meat, especially meat, – cooked or not)
(Meat contains ~20% protein, from which only about 5% is digested from cooked meat…,
– These Pine Nuts contain 27% protein, that is nearly 99% digested, absorbed and used in our body, without any allergic/inflammatory effects like from meat !
And of course, There is No good reason or excuse of any kind to eat any meat/fish, because this is greatly harming other living beings around us, our brothers and sisters and equals in Spirit, – Our World is a Reflection of how we care for other living beings !

I found a wonderful way to soak these Pine Nuts in very big cooking pan with cold tap water overnight in cold 10C place for 12hours, and then I simply eat them with a Spoon, with thorough chewing, which takes a few minutes because these are very chewy,
and also I make real Pine Nut milk in a blender from them with little water so they move along easy, and this milk is truly profound and nurtures and energizes every cell of the organism,
Letting Pine Nuts soak overnight in lots of water remove extra vitamins, and lets them hydrate and transform into being Raw again, with natural molecular structure of proteins and other nutrients, which are then easily digested in our body

pine nuts in blenderpine nuts milk in blender

Would you like try getting these Pine Nuts to help replace gluten and all animal products, especially meat and dairy so we may help to Free Up other living beings on our planet from suffering, exploitation and killing, and Restore balance and Harmony of Nature ?
And give the other living beings back the freedom to be in their Creator-given place in Nature, their true Home, in natural habitat and together with their families
Because Our world is a Reflection of what we do to other living beings !
And would you like trying these Pine Nuts to help with healing digestion ?
(As I did, and this Pine Nut milk works wonders for restoring healthy digestion flora, especially for large intestine)


Pine Nuts from Russia are thought of as the Very healing, nutritious, and tasty food around the whole world, and are able to provide greater amount of calories for energy, and complete protein of higher quality than any cooked meat or animal product, plus all the essential and needed nutrients, vitamins, and minerals including even iodine, and Pine Nuts are able to keep warm, sustain, and help grow healthily people living in the coldest of climates like Antarctica, Arctic and Polar regions
(also Pine Nuts are used by athletes around the world to sustain and grow muscles, balance and health)

I explored the world of the most nutritious, healing and easily digestible Nuts, including White Walnut, wild Walnut, organic wild/native Pecans harvested a few weeks ago, and many others, and I can say for sure that actually fresh and raw Pine Nuts are one of the most easily digestible, soft with least hard fibers so they do not make us feel heavy and slow down digestion as any other nuts, and after eating a handful, – I begin to feel the regenerating and energizing effects

I am offering about 10kg in total of Organic Raw and Wild Pine Nuts from Russia, Siberia forest,
which I got a few months ago directly from a person I know in Russia who gathered the Pine Cones from Cedars in the forest there, cleaned and packaged them in Vacuum for me, which I then stored in my fridge immediately after receiving them

I have gathered Pine Nuts in Siberia, by gathering pine cones from magnificent Cedar Trees in the forest, and shelled and ate the very fresh, raw and alive Pine Nuts right there, so I understand how healing, nutritious, life-giving and tasty the Pine Nuts are and what real fresh and raw ones are like,
and how great the distance between what I ate there and what is offered in stores here with only the name of “Pine Nuts”


I offer these unique fresh and raw Pine Nuts to those in need, at minimal cost, without making anything, only trying to help and offer something that is hard to find here for health purposes, with a possibility of getting another package soon after this, if needed and they really help you
These are 37 dollars for 1kg, and 20 dollar for 500g, if you come-by to pick them up yourself, –
(you may try a bit yourself first when you come to get them too)
In stores, they are 60-70 dollars per kg, cooked, old and oxidized, and harmful food instead of healthy raw food, and by weight, these Pine Nuts have twice as much protein, minerals, vitamins and nutrients as pine nuts in stores(because of little fat),

Read on to find out Why :

These Pine Nuts are truly Raw and Fresh(unoxidized, not rancid or old) right after being shelled and These are unlike Any Pine Nuts found in local stores, because these have been stored in shells in cool temperature of 15C after last harvest and only shelled upon my request and immediately Vacuum sealed before shipping to me, to prevent any oxidation or going bad/rancid in open air,
as Any Nuts should ! Or they turn from Healthy food into very harmful food within days/weeks in open air after being shelled…


Pine Nuts here have been gathered by a person I know in Russia, then cleaned using Low-temperature(below 36C) to keep them truly Raw and Healthy, then vacuum sealed immediately after shelling, and shipped directly to me in 1 week only, then put into fridge for storage
These are about as Fresh, Raw and Healthy Nuts as I have been able to find Anywhere here in 17 years, and only after 3 months of every day communication with 60-70 different and small Pine Nuts harvesters/producers in Russia (which is almost every one of them)

Being a small harvester is important, because We are then able to be flexible and clean/prepare these Pine Nuts using Low-temperature only, with care, Love, and understanding for those in need, to keep their healing and living energies within, directly from Siberian Taiga forests


Most and nearly All of Pine Nuts use drying temperature of 50-70C, which cooks these Nuts right away, denaturing proteins and Oxidizing the fats, turning them into cooked/dead and very harmful food to eat,
(signs of heated/oxidized/old nuts to look for: yellowish/grey flesh(not white), shiny and glossy surface, oily surface, hard surface, off-smell)
– This also means that nearly All of Pine Nut oil out there gotten from these overheated/cooked Nuts is already oxidized and not actually Raw, and any benefits from this oil might not be enough or even present to drink overheated oil
Because oxidized and cooked Nuts cause all kind of inflammation/allergic effects, damaging tissues, organs and raising blood pressure, and causing digestion issues…
– This is why inflammation effects are Major reason for almost every kind of health problem known in the world, and beginning of many serious health conditions, because Every inflammation effect accumulates over time, whether we are in touch with your body and notice them or not…

*(Most inflammation effects come from unshelled Nuts that have been on store shelves for unknown periods, gathered unknown when, shelled unknown when, dried at unknown high temperatures, and Not even kept in Vacuum seal and in Cold fridge temperatures during storage !)
*** Every Nut oxidizes within first DAYS in open air, at room temperature ! (turning white-flesh kernel to translucent colour)
This is why in many places around the world, Nuts that are meant to be Health-food are immediately Vacuum sealed after shelling and put in cold fridge for storage until they reach the table, this is important .
Nuts in stores are not even raw, and already oxidized, and very harmful food that damages health, and are expensive,
(Only yesterday, I got what was labelled “Organic Raw Sunflower seeds” from bulk section to try, and quickly realized that these seeds were actually overheated at very high temperature, because of burned edges on many seeds, and the taste and smell of cooking… raw nuts or seeds that are actually Raw are very hard to find in any stores, even if labelled
– I tried every kind of Nuts in bulk sections and packaged throughout many years, from many different stores, and they all cause inflammation, and There is No reason to eat these nuts for Anyone who cares about their health, wellbeing, mental clarity, and saving the resources !


Pine Nuts from Siberia are thought of as the most healing, nutritious and tasty Nuts in the world,
and their benefits and health properties are very very many
These Nuts have soft, white creamy flesh, and are among the easiest to chew and digest, able to help with many digestion issues, and replace any kind of meat, dairy, bread and eggs easily with their highest protein quality that is very bio-available, and easy to digest especially Raw,
this protein is high in Arginine amino-acid and used to build and upkeep muscles by many people, this protein is also Complete protein
And milk from Pine Nuts has been and is used to replace children’s milk when unavailable, because of its protein quality and easy of digestibility

Pine Nuts from Siberia are so high in variety of Minerals that they even have Iodine !
(Which is very rare to find in any plant food we eat on Earth above the Sea)

These Pine Nuts I offer have about 2x as much Protein, Mineral, Vitamin and Nutrient content as Any Pine Nuts found in stores,
This is because they have been gently pressed using a wooden barrel at home, to reduce their Oil content to an ideal 25% !
(being pressed also helps to vacuum seal them better and keep fresh without going bad during shipping and storage)

Usually, we are unable to eat much Nuts at all, because we feel tired, heavy, lightheaded only after a few handfuls, because of their Very high Oil content(normal oil content is 70% in Nuts)

By gently squeezing the extra oil out, we now have an optimal healthy and natural food that can be eaten every day that can replace any animal products or other unhealthy food we might have eaten, without too much oil/fats to make us feel unwell
Nut Oil is also generally very high in Vitamin E, that thins out our blood very quickly, – and blood Too thin prevents normal blood nutrient exchange of living tissues, and prevents blood from getting everywhere blood needs to, often causing parts of our body to fall asleep very easily…

The ideal Oil/fat content of 25%, that remains, is very healthy and has many healing properties !
Have you ever heard of Pine Nut oil from Russia ?
+ We get fresh, Unoxidized Pine Nut oil in its natural form, within these Nuts, together with all the quality protein, Vitamins, Minerals and Nutrients
Minerals include Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Zinc, Copper in high amounts to meet all the daily mineral needs in very bio-available form, and is also very high in Manganese

There have been many articles written about healing effects of Pine Nuts and Pine Nut oil from Russia which helps to improve immune system and with healing many kind of digestive and health and skin issues, including ulcers, inflammation of gallblader or pancreas, H. pylori, and as overall healing remedy for the whole body and skin, and helps with balanced and healthy children development by meeting all their vitamin, mineral and protein needs in natural and easily digestible plant form

-> This is true Gift from Nature

Pine Nut oil has a perfect Omega fat ratio of 1:1 Omega-6 to Omega-9, and a bit of Omega-3

And I will try to provide a few important excerpts here for you:
“Pine Nut flakes – Organic Health solution” (
“CEDAR NUTS – Treasure House of Useful substances” (

“Pine Nuts nutrition facts” (

If alive, raw, Real food is going to be available again directly from Nature and the forest, – I hope that there will not even be a thought, intention or excuse anymore to harm another living being, by anyone and anywhere, directly or indirectly by buying meat and animal products…
Here, We have a Real opportunity and Vision to strive for, – to directly Re-grow, Regenerate and support the Nature and the real world of Living beings interconnected in healthy symbiotic relationships and Balance, Nature that has Provided every living being with Everything, freely and lovingly for millions of years
We Can do This by growing Food instead of growing “lawns”, by planting Useful and productive Trees and plants all around that Re-Create natural habitats for other living beings and ourselves, and by Building and choosing Homes from only natural materials like “adobe”, clay + hay, stones and fallen branches from a forest, which are very healthy to live, can stand for hundreds of years, and require almost No Renovations or wasting natural Resources ! , Does not matter where We are in the world at the moment, – a Natural Home can be built anywhere, for only a few hundred of dollars, and be a very good example to others for the natural, green and bright Future of our planet, without a dead end for Life on Earth .

Thank you and be Healthy so we may move into harmony of Nature, choosing and supporting natural living and Life on the planet !,
To communicate with me about getting these Pine Nuts, please write an e-Mail and we can find the time to meet in North Surrey BC
( ),


Or Shipping is also available in Vacuum seal, with + shipping, packaging and handling rates

Cedar Pine young Tree in Siberia forest