The True Tantra

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”― Rumi


Knowledge about venerated energy encourages an uninhibited expression of our deepest hearts and our beautiful humanity. Tantra deplores the tendency of relationships to become mechanical and soulless; instead guiding it’s practitioners towards a type of feeling of sacred sensuality where each glance, each breath and each moment is an access to the Divine.
In our western culture where sexuality sells everything from toothpaste to air conditioning units, we must learn to differentiate authentic Tantra from the vacuous, superficial offerings being marketed by many Tantra workshops and common sex workers. Tantra is an Ancient Spiritual Path, and although the precise rituals and esoteric understandings are not necessary in order to practice, there are truly no shortcuts to such a Divine Goal.
Ejaculation is not the focus of ANY authentic Tantra energy practice. Energy therapy will be on causing a whole-body, blissful and transcendent experience that far exceeds your expectations. If you’re looking for a purely physical encounter where the goal is primarily to “get you off” by any means necessary, Energy therapy is not for you. You are not paying therapist to play out your sexual fantasies and then finally jerk you off. That’s not Tantra or Sacred Sensual Bodywork, that’s prostitution.
There is no one definitition of Tantra “massage,” and the purpose is certainly not genitital release. Most people who say they practice Tantra are common sex workers. That is not a judgment, either, but it is a fact. Real Tantra is never focused on genital release as an end result. As such, no lingam or ejaculatory focused massage session can hope to emulate the necessary Depth of Spiritual awareness that defines any True spiritual work.

It saddens me that in our majority of our culture people don’t want true tantra; nor do they know what true tantra really is. The sex industry, and the porn industry have bought the term tantra, so most people in our society believe it to be something it is not truly meant to be. There is a fine line between tantra and the sexual and that’s where it gets confusing, but most only understand it to be a sexual practice, and not a yogic one. However, true tantra has the foundations and deep training of simple yogic philosophy, emotional healing, chakra healing, energy clearing, deep breathing, meditation, pranayama breath work, awareness and true surrender to the emotions and deep journeying of the emotions in the body. All of these things are NOT sexual at all. However, they are tantric. Many would say that going deep into the emotional process is not a tantric practice, however, if you study enough, go back far enough in the ancient teachings, get shamanic training with the ancient ancestors, and do your spiritual training LONG enough, you will discover the power in it and that in fact it is a tantric journey. Because EVERYTHING is tantric. Everything has to do with surrendering deep enough, and long enough into the self, and that is a Yoga practice.
If you never had have any deep long meditation – connection with Soul, and completely empty mind the same time, probably the first thing what you need to do – learn more about it.
However, when one comes and expects the erotic with no background of the spiritual, they are NOT asking for tantra training. They are in fact asking for erotic training. They are different. And, others could argue that erotic training could be tantric, however, without the spiritual component and without any base of spiritual background, they will not have their roots firmly planted. They will be putting their seeds in the wrong garden and the spiritual garden of love will not grow. It will be sitting on the sideline waiting for someone to water it, but it will eventually wither up and die, because the erotic garden got more attention. It is possible to access love through the erotic, but only when those seeking the erotic come to the place to realize that their heart needs nurturing and love and they choose to pull back and go deeper within their feelings. Then their heart will shine and they will have balance. However, by this point they will have to surrender their ego’s and re-learn the true meaning of tantra, and they may have hurt a lot of people they cared about along the way, or could have cared about as they realize all the damage they have done. They will have a lot of people to reach out to and apologize, or try to clean up any mess they made by forcing their sexual needs onto others. However, when one starts their practice by going deep into the yogic journey and true spiritual development, there will be less hearts broken, less messes to clean up and they will develop their skills gradually and become the true healer/lover/friend/yogi they have always wished to be.
Second one – this type of energy therapy is good for training as wonderful opportunity to learn more about connecting more deeply as a Man with your special Woman. It is profound knowledge for Men and Women who are committed to creating more openness and love in their relationships.
However, many yogi’s in our culture believe that they need to abstain from the sexual, and that incorporating the sexual into their yogic practice is like breaking a rule, just like in the Christian or Catholic Religion says to abstain from sex until marriage. In the end, this Yoga Teaching and the restriction of Christian Religion almost is the same thing. Neither are about honoring your true natural body and your true heart. They want you to control it. However, yoga is tantra, and tantra is yoga. It is about surrendering to the body, the feelings, the energy, the emotions and the space of what is. That makes the term tantra unlimited, and controlling its definition is impossible. Just like limiting the term tantra to just the spiritual is impossible as well. However, tantra is sacred, and many who believe to know its meaning automatically and immediately want to take it to the place of the sexual, and this is not sacred. Assuming it will go there, or forcing it go there, and trying to control it is certainly NOT yogic and certainly NOT spiritual, nor is it sacred. And I found that in working as a Holistic Energy Healer for SO long that many did come with the thought in the back of their mind that they had to control the situation if it was not going the way they had planned or expected. However, when one comes to learn tantra, they are in fact coming to learn yoga, they are coming to learn of their true emotions, their true nature and their true energy patterns. True tantra is mastering the psyche, but also mastering ones energy, ones breath, ones body and using it as a tool to expand themselves to a full capacity of deep love from within. That is it. When these experiences open someone up to the point of feeling deep pleasure from within and it comes naturally, it is tantric.
I believe I explained my position . There needs to be clearly defined boundaries for legitamate massage versus any type of erotic service for the safety of the therapist. No judgement, I deserve to be respected and safe.
All people who ask about any tantric-sensual-genital-prostate-lingam massages, truly don’t know and don’t undestand themself, their body and their aspirations and wishes .
As Naturopathic holistic doctor through Health consultation I can give you the knowledge how to become conscious in your relationship with yourself and then with others.
I would love to meet those who truly want to learn true about themself, and truly want to go deep into their personal healing journey.

For those, I have much to teach and much to share.
If you want to learn more about sacred energy or have any emotional, mental or stress related health concerns, or want to talk about your sex life and your problems please BOOK 2 hours private health consultation, combining with spiritual healing energy massage-bodywork.

One to one coaching in our session  is a great way to get the personalized guidance you are looking for.


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