Health Counseling

Real solutions to health problems

Weight, fatigue, allergies, breathing or cardiovascular problems, food sensitivities, IBS, digestion, joint pain, nutrition or other concern about your current state of health?heasig

If you want to approach it naturally, consider a Personal Medical Intuitive Health Consultation. I`ll get to the root of the issue & put a plan of natural healing in place!

My goal is to dramatically improve the quality of life for my patients. I focus on identifying and treating the underlying cause of their ailments, rather than just trying to suppress the symptoms. Without correctly diagnosing the cause, all one gets is a masking of the symptoms – the original problem still remains. When I find the real cause, I start a tailor-made treatment program right away so that the body can begin to heal itself.

I am a holistic health practitioner specializing in alternative health approaches to a wide variety of health problems, including chronic health conditions, high blood pressure, insomnia and allergy elimination, nutrition and persistent health issues, with a focus on treating causes instead of symptoms.

In addition to my fifteen years of active practice, in the last few years, I have engaged intensively in research to address and find solutions to certain common but resistive health problems where traditional treatments prove disappointing and often non-effective results. And I have found solutions for many of them with great success.


This is an overall health session which will test body pulse, breathing, blood pressure and observe the other telltale signs of health according to Alternative Diagnostic Methods and Physiognomy (the possibility of the discernment of inner qualities from the outer appearance of the face). The initial appointment involves establishing a baseline (the reference points) in terms of your current and past health conditions as the basis for developing a personalized natural health program.

Discover for yourself how effective and rewarding a natural approach to health can be.

Lifestyle changes, physical and psychological training, and advanced nutrition therapies can then be given in the areas of preventative healthcare, customized weight management, pain reduction, blood sugar and cholesterol control and cardiovascular health. This is a fully integrated approach to health to allow people to manage a medical condition naturally with diet and exercise.

My holistic health care & wellness consultations also share the practical life skills of natural healing and wellness that stay with you for life naturally (can also include basic yoga / stretching / exercise instruction).


Take control of your health and escape of sickness industry!



Frequently asked questions about Health Consultations and being my Client


1. Who will be benefited from your health consultations?
Men and women with a bunch of chronicle diseases, lack of energy, with extra pounds or bad eating habits, suffering from digestive problems, having bones, muscles or joints problems, etc., which have a strong desire to change all those things in their life.

 2. How can I be completely sure that your health consultations will help me to get back on track?You will never know unless you try.I am not a magician, I don’t use any drugs, and I don’t actually provide any cure or treatment. On my health consultations I will teach you how to get healthy and live healthy life without any drugs. All other things will depend from your strong desire and your discipline to do simple procedures on a daily basis. But the things I am going to teach you always work when my clients regularly use them.

3. Do your health consultations substitute my visits to my family doctor? No way. If you are required a medical cure only a medical professional can provide that. Please use your doctors and their prescriptions to cure your diseases. But if you are looking for  and more effective way not only to get rid of certain diseases but how to live your life being healthy and young at any age, how to prevent any diseases by eliminating their causes, my Health consultations will be more beneficial for you.

 4. You say you don’t provide any cure and don’t use any drugs for treatment. How can you help me if it seems to me my doctor actually cannot?Doctors usually work with the symptoms of diseases and treat you to eliminate those symptoms. They (and you sometimes) believe that if there are no symptoms there is no disease. In many cases their method works but it does not eliminate the causes of your sickness and sooner or later your disease (often accompanied with some others) comes back again, and further doctor’s cure becomes less and less effective. On my consultations I teach you how to eliminate the causes of all your diseases and give your body very good chance to heal itself. Sometimes my method takes more time than the medical treatment but gives you the full control of helping your body to become strong and healthy again.

5. What is going to happen on the first health consultation? Will I be able to decide if your method is going to work on me?The First Health consultation usually takes two hours.In this time you will tell me about your health issues, the history of your sickness, the drugs you’ve taken etc. but also about your desire and the goals you want to reach with my help. I will do your health assessment asking you the questions and doing some measurements. After that I will tell you how exactly I can help you in your case, what results you may expect and what it takes from you to comply with your goals. I will also introduce you the appropriate Program which allows you to get those results. I will give you as well some emergency advices what you need to start to do right away in order to stabilize your situation and create a platform for further improvement. I will not require you to make a decision right away if a certain program or my advices will seem valuable for you; you take your time to choose what form of our further contacts is most suitable.

6. Is there any special requirement of being your clients and how I can meet them?

As you noticed I already told about strong desire of my clients to be healthy again and to do everything they can to make this happened. I would also say about the courage to go for it, not to stop unless they reach their goals. It does not really matter where they are now, it matters what results, what conditions, what quality of life they want to reach. You will be my client if you demonstrate me you have the ambitious goals regarding your health and you are willing to take charge of your life and really need help to learn how to do that.

The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.