Where Great Health Begins

I’m delighted you are here. This is the place to land if you are looking for change in your life!

My goal is to help keep YOU and YOUR LOVED ONES in optimum health and full of vital energy!

My Natural Health Care Techniques assess and regulate all factors involved in the maintenance of optimal healthcare. Holistic approach to treatments represents a personal journey through a multifaceted process. This process aims to detoxify, re-energize and to restore structural resistances and encourage well-being and balance on all levels of human existence. It also offers to a genuine Health seeker an opportunity for spiritual nourishment and improvement in emotional self-management .

I am so passionate about the work I do and am so pleased to be on this path. I do put a lot of effort into my programs, each person is treated as an individual – in fact I treat everyone as if they are family.  So I want you to succeed, I want you to get better. I am here to help people, that are ready and willing to be healed. Please click on any of the subjects and you will be taken to the relevant page. w1

Welcome to my Wellness Studio!      (Right in the heart of Surrey – Brookside Elementary)

“Without a doubt, the warmest, most welcoming and relaxing studio I have been to and ever hope to go to. Highly recommended, you’ll never go elsewhere after a visit to Lubava Studio! ” (Darren.Vancouver)

OPEN TO MEN & WOMEN , 7 DAYS A WEEK, 1 hour – $80.

 I’m wishing you a Winter’s Day of Delight, Deep Nourishment and Divine Inspiration, from the inside out! 


The Better Health, The Better Life, The Better World !

In my fantasy I see a just world
Where everyone lives in peace and honesty

In my fantasy I see a bright world
Where each night there is less darkness
I dream of souls that are always free
Like clouds that float
Full of humanity in the depths of the soul

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